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It is my first project explicitly designed for the digital medium. The inspiration came from an intriguing Facebook post of my friend @dom_jardim, where he wrote, "The light never betrayed me."

I found these words so powerful that I have begun to investigate how they affected me.


Light shapes our vision of the universe; It is our guide, our faith, and can blind us with its single viewpoint. Light is the right, but there is much more space in the darkness.


In the virtual reality of contemporary life, this concept isolated our plurality inside an avatar and stuck us in a binary language. On or off. One or zero. Light or darkness. Our society has never been so polarized as before. And we have never been so tested to see beyond the light. And you? Have you ever betrayed the light?


It is possible to divide the artwork into countless pieces, and for that reason, it will send the open archive to the collector, so he can make his version and be part of the creation.


All the artwork will be only available on the NFT platform to be sold as soon as possible. In the original HD format (1920p x1080p) + The keyframes personality chosen by me were amplified in a big format (5120p x 2880p @ 300 dpi) if the collector wants to print them. (Instructions to print also be attached).


Date: 2021

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